Thanks for dropping by and welcome to Chilled Pink Grapefruit. I chose the name for my blog because I try to stay cool and... erm, I like pink grapefruit!

I've recently moved back to Edinburgh after having lived in London for over six years. This blog is dedicated mainly to beauty but also to some other little things that I pick up when I'm out and about.

My favourite places to shop in London are: Oxford Street, Carnaby Street & Covent Garden for clothes and make-up, Tottenham Court Road for its many interiors shops and Vintage Fairs for accessories and clothes.

I'm a big fan of bright make up and a simple beauty regime... mainly I guess because I'm not very good at blending, and also because I'm usually running late! Also I want my make-up to work for me, not for me to become a slave to my make-up.


You can keep up to date with my posts by following my blog through Google, and you can get in touch with me by leaving a comment anywhere on my site or by dropping me an email to westofstockholm2010@gmail.com .  If you would like me to add a link to your blog in my Blogs the Grapefruit Follows blogroll then send me an email and I'll check it out. In the meantime, enjoy browsing Chilled Pink Grapefruit.


favourite drug store/budget beauty brand


favourite high end beauty brand 


in my handbag you'll always find...

a mirror, brown/nude lipstick, lipgloss, handcream

favourite items of clothing

skinny jeans, print tees and biker jackets

favourite eyeshadow colour


favourite lipstick colour


favourite nail polish colour

grey (not silver/metallic)

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