Sunday, 29 April 2012

Rimmel Stay Glossy Shades for Summer

I hope my title isn’t too misleading; this post isn’t about an upcoming new collection but just a few pics of some lipglosses that I picked up from TKMaxx that I think are nice shades for summer.  I just checked the Rimmel website and only one of the shades (Endless Summer) is listed as currently available but discontinued Rimmel products are quite widely available at a range of discount retailers.

I got a pack of four lipglosses for £7.99 which was a bit of a bargain as they usually retail at over £5 each.  The pack contains three different shades, Endless Summer (x2), Immortal Charm and Summer for Life.



Endless Summer is actually my favourite shade but even so, I don’t know that I’d ever use up two tubes of it so I’ll probably give one away to a friend.  It’s just a nice pinky neutral with a hint of shimmer.  Immortal Charm is a very similar shade while Summer for Life is more orange – although it’s by no means a bright orange and I would still class it as quite a neutral shade.  I would happily wear any of these shades for any kind of daytime look (work or play).

I’m quite a fan of this formula, and while I don’t know about its claims to last up to six hours it does have a nice thick, creamy (non-sticky) consistency that wears on me for two to three hours.  That’s typical wear for a lipgloss for me because I generally can only go for  a couple of hours before I have to drink a cup of tea or coffee or eat some food which of course I wouldn’t expect any gloss to last through!

I also like the applicator of this gloss.  It’s a flocked doe-foot material but the shape is flatter and longer than a typical doe foot and I find that it picks up just the right amount of product, and is also a good fit for my lips being neither too big nor too small.  I’ve put a picture in below just for reference to show the size of the applicator next to the tube itself.


And finally here are some skin swatches – I wasn’t having much luck taking photos of my lips today so I just took some photos of my arm instead.


From left – right: Endless Summer, Immortal Charm, Summer for Life

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