Thursday, 25 April 2013

Cruelty Free Favourites

Just a bit of a medley post today with a list of some of my favourite cruelty free products. Hopefully you’ll find something new and interesting in the list.



I have a few of their brushes and I love them all, they’re such good value and quality. The bristles are synthetic, the ferrules are made of recycled metal and the handles are made from bamboo. I particularly recommend their flat top buffing brush for foundation – the soft, dense bristles works well with creams, liquids and powders for full coverage.


Above: Ecotools buffing brush

MUA Brushes

This budget range contains all synthetic haired brushes and with prices starting from £1.50 is definitely one to check out if you’re on a budget. The quality is not as high as Ecotools but the brushes that I have – the angled contour brush and fluffy eyeshadow blending brush – are good enough to do the job.


Lush do a brilliant range of long lasting bright cream lip colours. They’re expensive at £14.50 each but at least the quality is excellent to go with it. The glass dropper style bottles look really cute too.


Above: Lush lipstick in Believe (note: I used a colour effect on the photo above so it is not a true colour representation).

Cream Eyeshadow

B. Cosmetics do a range of long lasting, vibrant cream eyeshadows that are as good as any I’ve tried.


Above, left to right: B. Vibrant Eye Shimmers in Royal, Copper, Poseidon


I don’t like strong perfumes that can be smelt metres away or leave a trail so I tend to opt for solid perfumes these days. My favourites are the aromatherapy balms from Badgers Balms and Lush Gorilla solid perfumes. As they’re solid, they’re also perfect for packing into your handbag for top-ups during the day whenever you feel like an aromatic pick me up, and you don’t have to worry about your colleagues giving you the evil eye for spraying clouds of perfume in the office or toilets.


Above left to right: Badger Yoga & Meditation Balm, Badger Sleep Balm


My current favourite shampoo is the amazingly uplifting Big shampoo by Lush, but for a budget everyday version I use cherry and fig shampoo by Superdrug. All Superdrug own brand products are Leaping Bunny certified (although not all brands that are sold in Superdrug are).


Above: Lush Big shampoo


Urban Decay and Body Shop make my favourite eyeshadows and are both certified cruelty free BUT both brands are owned by L’oreal – it’s a bit of a cruelty free conundrum as L’oreal is not certified cruelty free. It comes down to your own standards as to whether you can consider these individual brands as cruelty free when their parent company is not.

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