Wednesday, 30 May 2012

H&M Summer 2012 Lipstick in Pink Sea Shell

I will admit, I did just buy this lipstick because I thought the packaging was cool!  H&M have a range of lipsticks out this summer in tubes that match a selection of the prints of their summer 2012 clothes collection.  I went for this nude pink shade as at £1.99 I wasn’t expecting the quality to be great so I decided to go for a colour that could fade gracefully.


I find the colour very ‘90s…it reminds me of the nude lipstick that Pamela Anderson used to wear actually!  It’s quite a shiny, sheer light coral pink.  I tend to pop some on when I’m on the bus to work in the mornings and it tends to have faded away by my second cup of morning coffee around 11am.  The formula is very moisturing and shiny so I guess it has a high oil content.



Maybe worth checking out if you’re interested in a cheap and cheerful light coral lippie for summer, but best skipped if you need something with a bit of staying power and you’re willing to pay more.

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