Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Case of the Vanishing Overspray


Well hello there limited edition blush in Sakura from MAC’s spring 2011 Quite Cute Collection.  How are you doing these days?  What’s that?  You’re not the blush you once were?  You’ve been feeling much paler lately?  Hmm, this calls for further investigation…

Sakura is not one of my favourite blushes but I quite like the colour and I want to get my money’s worth so I’ve been using it quite regularly lately.  This week the pink heart design started fading away in the middle and now there’s a gaping hole in it as it’s actually only an overspray that goes down just a couple of millimeters in the design.  This means that when the heart runs out the colour of the blush is going to change completely – which I find really, really annoying!



Above: 1 – central heart; 2 – surrounding colour; 3 – both shades mixed

I currently use this product by swirling a big fluffy kabuki brush over the entire surface, so I end up with a shade like 3 above which I lightly buff across my cheeks, but once the heart has been used up I’ll be left with a much lighter, more lilac pink shade. I find it almost “insincere” that this product is changing colour after I’ve already used it so much and grown fond of the shade I’ve grown used to.  Does anyone else get annoyed by fading oversprays, or is it just me??

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