Sunday, 27 May 2012

NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Rated R

I keep thinking this is called Rated X!  What does Rated R stand for anyway?


Anyhow, here’s what you get for your £23.50:


Now THAT’S what I call colour!!  These eyeshadows are seriously bright in the pan.  I bought this because I really wanted a good quality chartreuse eyeshadow and in fact it is my favourite of the two.  I tend to use the blue as a crease colour but I find it difficult to blend, whereas the green I just pack onto my eyelid as a block colour which works just fine.

I used my favourite eyeshadow brush set from Ecotools to create a bright look using Rated R yesterday.  You can see I used a tiny shader brush for the green and a fluffier blending brush to work with the blue.


In all honesty I do find this eyeshadow duo really difficult to work with.  This simple look below took me ages fiddling around with to create a final effect that I was happy with and as you can see it was still patchy in the end.  Bit more green here, bit more blue there, bit of blending, bit more eyeshadow…phew.  While I do think the green is a great colour and just what I was looking for, let’s face it – for £23.50 you really want to end up with an eyeshadow that you love, and I just don’t quite think that I do.


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