Sunday, 27 May 2012

Hot Pink Glitter Nails

I love this colour/texture combination, it just feels so perfect for summer.  I love how the glitter adds a bit of “fizz”, too.



The pink I used was from Boots 17; a high gloss nail polish in the shade Framboise (though I prefer to just call it raspberry.)  I actually bought this about three years ago so I’m not sure if it’s available anymore but there are surely a good number of raspberry nail polishes by numerous brands on the market at any given time.  Anyway it’s a shade that just seems to go well with sunny weather I think.  I applied a base coat then one coat of Framboise which dried in a few minutes, then I “patted” on this chunky glitter top coat by an American brand called Colour Club.  As you can see the brush doesn’t pick up lots of glitter so you can’t really paint it on normally if you want quite thick glitter coverage.  I don’t actually know where you can get your hands on this in the UK; I got this in a set from TKMaxx but their stock is quite high turnover and varies greatly between stores.  I like the fact that the glitter is in “shards” which is a bit of an unusual texture.

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