Monday, 21 May 2012

More Bargains from MUA

I swung by Superdrug last week as I often do for some mid-week make-up treats (my favourite form of retail therapy :) ).  Since MUA Pro had arrived in my local Superdrug at last and since it’s pretty cheap I decided to try a couple more products from the range.

I picked up an eyeshadow primer and mosaic blush in the shade English Rose, both £2.50.


The primer is simply called Professional Eye Primer and comes in a small plastic tube which houses 7.5ml of product and a doe foot applicator.  In the photo above I’ve done a thick swatch and a blended out swatch.  I would always blend this out to a very very thin layer using my finger tips on my eyes and so while the thick swatch can give some idea of the consistency of the product the thin swatch is how it would actually appear when used on skin.  On my skin it becomes invisible though the colour may show up on different skin tones, but the product is not at all visible once eyeshadow has been placed on top.

I’m very, very impressed by this.  It’s similar to Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – a silicone based primer that’s designed to increase the wear of your eyeshadow by both absorbing excess oil from the skin and gripping on to the eyeshadow itself.  I use the applicator to deposit a small amount of product on my skin, blend it out with a fingertip, wait a minute or so for it to dry then apply my eyeshadow on top.  The consistency is smooth and easy to blend out; I easily get 12 hours wear out of my eyeshadows when I use this which is generally how long I wear make-up for during the day, and it’s a great price so it gets a big thumbs up from me.


I think this blush looks soooo cute!!  The packaging is nothing special but for £2.50 I don’t care at all and I’m definitely happy to keep costs down on some of my make-up – sure I like cute packaging but I’m happy to forgo it for good quality from cheap and cheerful brands.  I just love the colours and shapes in this blush.  The swatch on my finger is pretty heavy and was created by just swirling my finger over all the colours.  When I wear this I actually apply it with a lighter hand using a normal blusher brush but onto the tops of my cheekbones as a highlighter instead of as a blush as it’s very shimmery.  It creates a wonderful silvery pink glow.  I haven’t managed to capture this special glow in a photo yet but I will try to update this post with one if I ever manage to.

These latest two purchases happily confirm MUA Pro as one of my current favourite five brands.  I’m working on a bit of a mammoth post at the moment about all my current favourite products so I will hopefully be posting a long list of products to tickle your fancy with in time for some bank holiday weekend shopping.

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