Sunday, 27 May 2012

New Sleek i-Divine Palette in BRIGHTS

Sorry if I appear to be shouting in this post title but these colours are so loud I thought they deserved some capital letters!

This is one of two newly launched matte eyeshadow palettes from Sleek, the other being a selection of darker colours.  They are permanent releases so there’s no need to rush out to grab them for fear of them becoming unavailable in the near future; you can take your time to have a think about whether you really want these or not!  I bought both when they were first released as I was in the mood for shopping, but to be honest I’ve only used the Brights palette so far so that’s what I have some photos of today.


As usual the palette comes with a flimsy plastic overlay which probably doesn’t really offer any protection to the eyeshadows anyway but is the only place where the “names” of the shadows are printed.  I say “names” in inverted commas as I’ve noticed that there tend to be dupes between the Sleek palettes but the shadows are always given different names, so it’s totally arbitrary.  I always just chuck the plastic overlay away but for reference here are the colours from left to right:

top row: Chill, Pout, Sugarlite, Dragon fly; Pucker; Bamm!

bottom row: Cricket, Bolt, Strike, Floss, Crete, Pow!

The colour selection in the palette doesn’t have an over-riding theme apart from the fact that all the colours are bright, so that can either be an advantage or a disadvantage for creating looks from this palette depending on your usual make-up style.  For me it’s not a problem as I often wear just one colour on my lids, or one colour with a contrasting or dark eyeliner.

I think the Sleek palettes are a great way to build up a library of eyeshadows as you get 12 shades for around £7, but as Sleek have released so many eyeshadow palettes now there’s also a good chance that you have a few very similar shades in your collection already. If you’re interested in this palette for a few particular shades then it’s worth double-checking that you don’t already have something similar already before spending more buying this palette.

On to some bigger pics and some swatches now:




The quality’s a bit of a mixed bag; some shades are brilliant with great, smooth consistencies and vibrant colour whereas a few shades end up looking just a bit washed out on the skin.  Also the two bright pinks swatch incredibly similarly on skin so it’s almost as if you only get 11 shades in this palette.  The shade I find hardest to work with is Crete, the light grey, which I was a bit disappointed by as I don’t have anything similar in my collection already.  The three massive hits in this palette for me were the three left colours in the bottom row, Cricket (bright green), Bolt (bright royal blue) and Strike (Orange).  I love wearing Strike all over my eyelid paired with Bolt as an eyeliner – I find they make a great fun yet wearable combination for the summer.  I have no problems with longevity when wearing these shadows over a primer.

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