Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Nails to Match the Weather

Just in time for the start of the British summer the weather’s been rainy and dull the whole weekend long, so I decided to make the best of it and paint my nails to match.



Above: three thin coats of I Don’t Give a Rotterdam!

This is the shade I Don’t Give A Rotterdam! from the OPI Holland Collection released this spring.  I really dislike the name.  What’s the point of it? It’s a pun on “I don’t give a damn” and the Dutch port city of Rotterdam…so what? That’s not funny, and what does that have to do with the colour of this nail varnish?


Anyway, grievances with the name aside this is quite a good nail varnish.  I apply two to three thin coats to get good coverage which lasts at least a week without chipping.  The consistency is great and the varnish dries very quickly. I also really like the steely blue colour which is shot through with a super fine silver shimmer. OPI nail varnishes don’t come cheap in the UK though and I paid £11 full price for this (15ml) in John Lewis.  So, while it is one of the best performing nail varnishes I have I probably won’t be buying any more OPI until there’s either a sale or I’ve used most of this one up in a couple of years as I think OPI would be an expensive indulgence when I have quite a large collection of other colours to choose from already.

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