Sunday, 1 April 2012

Chilled Pink Grapefruit trends for SS2012

I don’t obsessively follow beauty trends from the catwalk (after all, there’s not much point to trends other than to get consumers to spend more money on new products!) but I do like to swap the make-up colours and products that I wear every couple of months just to stave off boredom with my look.  So sometimes I’ll take inspiration from catwalk fashion and beauty trends but a lot of the time I just have an idea about a theme that I fancy developing in my make-up and I’ll swap my make-up bag around or pick up new products based on that.

So for spring/summer 2012 I think I will be mostly wearing:

  • red blushes (usually I swap to pink blushes in the spring but I felt like something different this year)
  • glitter – mainly on my eyes and cheeks
  • fake tattoos – for commitment free fun
  • colourful cut crease eyeshadow looks – I’ve been wearing this kind of look as my go to everyday look for the past couple of weeks and really like the impact you get from just a tiny bit of colour.  Will post some looks soon.
  • zingy bright eyeshadows – my current favourite shades are violet, lime green and royal blue.  Bright colours make me think of warmer weather so I’m being optimistic and getting into colour already!
  • baby blue eyeshadow – I probably like it because it’s the original beauty no-no!  I remember when I was a teenager magazines advised not to wear blue eyeshadow because it was what grannies wore, ha!  But even if that’s true, who says that grannies don’t have good taste anyway? Vintage fashions are always coming back with a vengence.

And I think that that’s definitely enough to keep me entertained until well into the summer months.

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