Sunday, 29 April 2012

Found–MUA Pro at Marble Arch!


So I finally managed to track down a Superdrug store that stocks the MUA pro range last week, at last!  I may well be the last one in on this secret but basically this range isn’t stocked at my nearest Superdrugs on High Holborn, Tottenham Court Road or The Strand so I was quite excited to find it at Superdrug Marble Arch the other week.  I don’t get that far down Oxford Street normally so I decided to try out quite a few products. (Although this range is also available from the Superdrug website).

They have a really cute collection of Love Heart (a kind of sherbet sweet available in Britain) nail varnishes out at the moment (I think it’s limited edition for Spring 2012) so I picked up a couple of bottles (£2 each) in the shades Love U 24/7, a glossy purple, and U R Fab, an intense berry pink.  I have tried both these shades out already although I don’t have any pics of me wearing them on my nails to post at the moment – I will amend that next time I wear them and get some pics up though as I think these are both great products.



They apply true to the colour that you see in the bottle and are about 80 – 100% opaque after one coat so I apply one or two coats to get full coverage – which I think is pretty amazing considering the price.  The only slight problem is that the short handle and brush make them a little bit tricky to handle but it still doesn’t really affect the application too much.

Next up as I can never seem to have too many lip glosses I grabbed a couple of Out There plumping lip glosses (£2 each) in the colours Nude and Candy Pink.



I’m not such a big fan of these unfortunately.  I love the colours but the formula is quite thin and although that makes it comfortable to wear on the lips I don’t find it to be either very pigmented or long lasting.  In fact I felt that the swatches on my skin gave a bit of a false impression of how pigmented these were so I took a couple of pics of the glosses on my lips.  The skin swatches were quite thick as I managed to dump quite a lot of product onto my skin but once applied to the lips the colour is a lot weaker – especially the shade Nude.  I also get the feeling that the tubes don’t contain that much product as they are quite thin and a lot of space is taken up by the applicator, which is a not-very-fluffy doe foot applicator.  I don’t really like it as it doesn’t seem to pick up much product each time so I end up having to go back to the tube about three times to end up with the coverage that I want on my lips.


Finally I decided to try out a couple of the eyeshadow trios as I just think that they look so cute – I love the packaging and the raised circular shape of the shadows themselves.  I ended up getting two quite similar shades as I’m currently just dipping my toe into neutral shadows (usually I’m a bright and bold eyeshadow kind of girl) so I thought this would be a good way to find some shades that I like.



For £2.50 you get a generous portion of three complimentary shimmery shades and a double ended foam applicator.  I do like all these shades although I do think that the two darker shades in the Chocolate Box trio are a bit similar.  I think the quality of these shades is great; they are really pigmented, smooth and non-crumbly in the pan, and they last all day on me over an eyeshadow primer.  The swatches below though were made on my bare skin with no primer underneath so that gives some idea of just how pigmented they are.

I don’t know if I’ll be picking any more colours up as I think I have the other shades that they do in my stash already but I do think that I’ll get some good wear out of these this spring.  Big thumbs up for these from me!


top row: Pink Sorbet, bottom row: Chocolate Box

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