Friday, 6 April 2012

My MAC almost-quad for Spring 2012

I decided to start filling up a customisable MAC quad eyeshadow palette as I’d read time and time again that the quality of their limited edition palettes wasn’t as good as their permanent eyeshadow line so I felt it was time that I started investigating the best that MAC had to offer.  Debenhams were running one of their 10% off beauty products promotions a few weeks ago (they actually run them quite often; every other month or so – I use the Money Saving Expert website to help keep track) so I decided to use the opportunity to stock up on some more eyeshadows (my biggest beauty weakness – I always lose my head when I’m confronted with all the pretty colours!)  In the end I could only decide on three shades for my quad palette though so here’s what I ended up with:


Clockwise from top left: All that Glitters; Passionate; Beautiful Iris

The empty palette normally costs £6.50 and the eyeshadow refills £10 but I got 10% off so I paid £32.85 in total.  Filled MAC eyeshadow quads which are released as part of their limited edition collections currently retail for £35 full price (or £31.50 with 10% off), so I paid as much as I would have for four limited edition eyeshadows, but at least I had the guarantee that all of these shadows were tried and tested good performers (as according to my beauty blog research!)

I wanted to try All that Glitters as the neutral shade in my quad to offset the brights and although it’s actually quite a nice eyeshadow I don’t personally like it that much and it’s my least favourite of the three.  It does have a lovely texture (hard, so not crumbly, but also creamy and smooth to apply) but the colour just does nothing for me.  I also think the name is kind of stupid to be honest!!  All that glitters is not gold…so why not just call it something related to bronze or copper then?! With a name like that I just feel that it should be super sparkly!  Anyway I digress.  On to the swatches.


Top row shadows applied to bare skin; bottom row shadows swatched over a creamy base. L-R All that Glitters; Passionate; Beautiful Iris

All that Glitters gives the best coverage while Passionate and Beautiful Iris are a teeny bit chalky though they apply well enough over a primer.  Passionate is just the shade of pink I was after – it looks great as a block colour applied all over the lid but is also bold enough to create good definition when worn in the crease.  Beautiful Iris merely continues my obsession with all shadows of any sort of lilac/purple, and does impart quite a strong colour when applied over a base (though it appears very faint when worn alone).  However given that I paid £9 for this it does look similar enough to my £4 Accessorize eyeshadow in Iris that I really could have gone without it, oh well.

I was toying with the idea of a lime green/chartreuse shade for the fourth colour but to be honest there wasn’t a particular MAC shade that caught my eye so I ended up ordering the NARS eyeshadow duo in Rated R instead which there’s a photo of me wearing in this post.  So at the moment I don’t have any concrete ideas on which shadow to complete my quad with – so do let me know if you have any suggestions for me!

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