Sunday, 18 March 2012

‘20s Party

This is the look that I wore to a 1920s themed birthday party last month.  I really liked the way my hair turned out although I hardly ever ever bother to curl my hair as it’s such an effort with my hair type.  In fact, the last time before this that I wore my hair curly was to another birthday party two years ago!

I basically went for bright, dolly cheeks and a very structured, drawn on round lip (I applied the lipstick slightly inside my natural lip line to create a very round shape) and left the eyes quite simple with just a thick flick of shimmery purple eyeliner and some mascara.  I used Illamasqua lipsticks – a dark purple all over with red dabbed on the inside, and with a bit of glitter thrown into the mix for good luck!  The texture of the lipsticks that I used was fantastic, lovely and creamy so it didn’t dry my lips out but still lasted for hours.


Here’s a close up of my lips which shows the pink glitter a little bit more clearly (although I think my lips look a bit like a vampire’s in this close up shot!)


I had lots of fun creating this look and I’ll definitely be wearing two tone lips out again!

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