Saturday, 2 February 2013

Warmth Added

I’ve been wearing mostly cool toned, white based shimmery eyeshadows all winter long so far, so last weekend I decided to wear some gold-based eye make-up for a change. I also added some orangey red lipstick which I think complimented my eyeshadow really nicely.




The eyeliner that I used which is a 24/7 liquid eyeliner in Smog by Urban Decay is one of my favourite colours – it’s an olive toned dark gold that is the perfect complement to warm/brown based looks that you don’t want to overwhelm by using a black eyeliner. I skipped mascara as my eyes have been watering so much lately that it’s a guaranteed path to panda eyes for me at the moment, and in the dim light of winter evenings I don’t think the lack of mascara makes too much difference to the overall effect of my eye make-up. I do think it would look more balanced with mascara but it’s just too much maintenance for me so I’d rather skip it and save myself the hassle.

Incidentally I have been growing my eyebrows out and I’m really glad that I managed to resist plucking them until they got to this stage, as I’m now happy that they look a good shape from a distance and require absolutely no maintenance whatsoever, for the first time in fifteen years! I know they look rather straggly and wild in the close up above but there is no way anybody looks at my eyebrows that closely in everyday life so the close-up isn’t really a good reflection of how they really look. OK so it’s a minor achievement but an achievement none the less I feel!

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