Thursday, 4 October 2012

NARS Hanamichi Eyeshadow Palette

I actually got this palette last Christmas, so I’ve now had a good chance to play around with it. I asked for this because it looks like a work of art and I love the Japanese aesthetic. It was actually inspired by Francois Nars’s (the founder of NARS) interest in Japanese culture and Kabuki theatre. Hanamichi is an extra part of the stage in Kabuki theatre whose name means “flower path”, which is given a literal translation in the design of the palette.


The palette contains a whooping 12g of product, and on the face of it the colours make a beautiful combination – a light, shimmery white, an olive gold, and matte cranberry red and black.


As you can see from the swatches, the payoff is quite sheer but it can be built up. I absolutely have to wear them over a primer otherwise I can’t really get them to show up at all. However, I find the colours so difficult to wear in everyday life that I actually only tend to use this palette for the white (just as well that’s makes up most of the palette) when I want a subtle, sheer wash of colour. I also tend to pair it with different eyeshadows rather than use it in combination with the other shades in this palette. I have tried to wear it with the red, but then people have mistaken the red eyeshadow for my eyes being irritated or swollen!!

The palette also comes in its own tie-up pouch and small eyeshadow brush not pictured here. They both sure do look cute, but the pouch is a bit fiddly and time-consuming if you actually intend to use this palette on a regular basis and I have not found the brush to be very useful so I wouldn’t really count either of them as handy extras – they’re more just for show.

Here’s how I put together the white with a mid-tone purple today.



Unfortunately I can’t really be positive about this palette. It’s undeniably beautiful to look at but at £45, unless you have lots of money to spare, you probably won’t want to spend that on an eyeshadow palette with such limited use.

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