Monday, 5 November 2012

Downsizing with DVD Palettes

Check out my latest stack of new eyeshadow palettes!


Well, sort of new. This week I got all crafty with most of my huge boxed palettes and depotted a ton of eyeshadows into DVD cases. There are empty palettes available that you can buy for this purpose; the one that springs to mind is the Z Palette which is available in the UK from the website Love Make Up, but they are quite expensive with prices starting at £9 (and going up to £16+ for a palette this size) and since I had a boxful of empty DVD cases anyway I thought I really ought to use them instead of spending a ton on expensive palettes.

My boyfriend was kind of impressed and shocked in equal measure when I showed him what I’d created ha ha. He was impressed by the idea – which unfortunately I can’t take credit for as it’s a well-covered topic on YouTube, where I first saw it, but shocked that I would want to get rid of all the cool packaging. However I had to depot one of my Urban Decay Book of Shadows as one of the shadows had gone bad so I had to get rid of it and also ideally re-house the others at the same time, and I was so pleased with the results that I decided to depot my Book of Shadows IV at the same time. The shadows just weren’t getting the attention they deserved at all because I never have time to deal with the unwieldy packaging in the mornings.

This palette contains the entire contents of my Urban Decay Book of Shadows II and IV.


As that was my first ever attempt at depotting I did crack and chip a few of the shadows, but the result is still honestly better than the set-up I had before, whereby the massive palettes had just ended up being stored out of sight and out of mind in a corner. You can see that all of the shadows have hardly been touched even though I’ve had the BoS II for about three years (!!) and the BoS IV for one year. Now they’re so accessible I use them much more.

I also went and depotted my massive Front Cover palettes. By this time I had done a bit more research and I used the oven-method as described in this YouTube video by Gossmakeupartist. It’s very simple and effective but you must pay attention and be careful when you do this as high temperatures are involved and you could easily burn yourself.

As well as empty cases to house the shadows in you’ll also need a tool to prise the eyeshadows out with and glue to stick them down into the new cases with. I used some nail scissors and an all purpose glue by UHU.


Here’s an example of how much space one DVD palette can save. This palette contains all the eyeshadows that were housed in this massive case.



I just wrote the names of the shadows on a piece of notepaper and stuck it to the front of the DVD case.


I also depotted some larger domed baked shadows. These are a bit higher than shadows in flat pans so they did suffer a small amount of indentation from the opposite side of the case, but again I would much rather have them in this much more accessible format and slightly dented than have them lying neglected in their original packaging.


I also created a DVD lipgloss palette which I think looks quite cool :) I just depotted these by prising them out of the cases with the nail scissors as they are cream products and would have melted and things might have become a little messy if I had heated them in the oven.


What do you think about depotting shadows into cases? Do you love your original packaging too much, or does it just sit around a bit neglected like mine did?

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