Friday, 9 November 2012

Perfume Substitute

I’ve always had a couple of perfumes on the go but recently I’ve gone off perfume and I’ve only been wearing it a few times a month for a while now. It’s very easy to use too much as you stop being aware of the fragrance after a short while so there’s a real danger of over-dosing and leaving a trail of overpowering perfume or aftershave in your wake…I speak from experience as there are definitely some offenders at my work (sorry guys, but at least I’m naming no names!)

Instead I’ve been chucking these tins of fragranced balms into my handbag and applying them whenever I feel like a bit of an aromatic pick me up. Yoga and Meditation balm is quite zingy and energising, and Sleep Balm is very calming and relaxing. I bought both of these from Yoga Matters at the London Yoga Shows 2011 and 2012 but they’re available from many stockists of Badger Balm products.



The main ingredient in both balms is actually extra virgin olive oil and you can use them pretty much anywhere you fancy – I tend to rub a bit on my wrists and temples when I’m at my computer at work, or even on my lips if I need a bit of a stronger fragrance hit. They’re also great for taming flyaway frizzy hairs and adding a bit of scent at the same time – I just rub a tiny bit over my hands then run my hands through my hair.

The texture is quite hard, so sometimes I’ll scoop a bit of product out on the back of a fingernail – hence the dents you can see below. The Sleep balm contains twice as much product as the yoga balm but they cost the same. They have very different scents though.


These last for ages as you only need a tiny amount. I’ll definitely be trying out other products in this range when I come across them again. I think you can find them in yoga and health food stores and also some independent chemists.

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