Wednesday, 8 May 2013

1920s Revisited

One of my friends had a ‘20s style birthday party last year, and it seems like the 20s are still in fashion as another friend celebrated her birthday with a ‘20s themed night out this weekend. Here’s a photo of a couple of us, with some different photo effects applied just for fun.

I did the make-up for my friend and me and did the same look on both of us just to save time. I was actually really pleased with how it turned out; 20s evening make-up is such a fun look to recreate because you can play around with smoky eyes, dark lips and bright cheeks!


Above: original photo




Some Quick ‘20s Make-up Tips

I love this youtube video by the fantastic Pixiwoo on how to create a very authentic ‘20s look.

And here are my own quick tips on how to create a quick and simple evening look with a ‘20s vibe. Disclaimer: These tips are about how to create a fun look, not about achieving a super-authentic ‘20s look!

  • On eyes go for a rounded eyeshadow shape in smoky colours and extend your eyebrows with some pencil/eyeshadow. I think eyeliner and mascara are optional as the smoky colours themselves already lend a great deal of intensity to the look. We’re not wearing any in the photos above.
  • The lip shape was quite rounded with a very defined cupid’s bow. Use a lip pencil to help draw on the perfect cupid’s bow, and try painting your lip colour on using a slanted eyeliner brush for added precision. Add some bright blush to the apples of your cheeks in a round shape.
  • Finish off with tons of face powder, and your ‘20s look is complete!

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