Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Neutral Lipstick Selection

I have two favourite shades of lipstick that I’ve basically stuck to since I was about 18. I do realise that I’m stuck in a total lipstick rut but it doesn’t matter how many other shades I try, I always end up with these old faithfuls back in my handbag.

I don’t stick to one brand though, I just end up with the same shades from different brands. A useful result of this though is that I’ve discovered one MAC dupe and one quite close match.




Above (all pics) left to right: MAC Honey Love, MUA Lip Boom in Ok.com, MAC Creme in Your Coffee, B. lipstick in Orchid

Honey Love is slightly darker than OK.com but actually the difference is not very noticeable on my lips, while Creme in Your Coffee is very very similar to B.’s Orchid.

MAC lipsticks cost around £14 in the UK whilst MUA Lipbooms cost £3 and B. lipsticks are around £8 (but are often on special offer at Superdrugs). The quality of both MAC lipsticks is very good but I don’t think I would repurchase Honey Love because it has a very dry texture, and while Creme in Your Coffee is very good, to be honest I find the B. lipstick to be just as good but it’s also cheaper and cruelty free.

Don’t worry about me having two of each shade of lipstick though, I promise that these are my everday shades and I’m sure to use all of them up (probably by the end of this year!) And when that happens, I will be on the search for the next creamy tea shade and reddish brown!

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