Monday, 23 September 2013

Time to Believe

Yes, it seems that moisturising, long lasting bright lip colour is possible!

I’ve been playing around with my lipstick collection lately and today I dug out Believe by Lush, from their emotional brilliance cosmetics range. I picked this up last summer but haven’t worn it much so it was a pleasant surprise today to rediscover just how long lasting, vibrant and comfortable this product is. It doesn’t dry out unlike many other long lasting lipsticks that I’ve tried so your lips feel moisturised and it never turns into a crusty film of colour that peels off in flakes during the day (yes, I have experienced that with some other products before and yes, it is gross!)



I applied this over a bright pink lip liner by Gosh and it lasted seven hours on me until I decided to remove it before eating my dinner. Usually I would apply a bright colour like this with a lip brush but you can achieve a good finish with the doe foot applicator that comes with the product so I just applied it using that.


Below: Gosh lip pencil in Glam Pink (left) and Lush liquid lipcolour in Believe (right)


You can see the lovely texture and vibrant colour really nicely in this close up pic below:


I kept my eyes simple by blending an orangey gold across my lids and finishing off with some mascara et voila, the finished look (well, plus a little foundation, blush and face powder too!)


And here’s a quick close up of my eyes just because I took a picture of them so I figured I might as well include it!


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