Saturday, 15 October 2011

Chilled Pink’s Autumn 2011 Colour Chart

I’ve been feeling inspired by the changing season and signs of autumn that have been creeping up these past few days to put together a little colour chart for my make-up for the next few months.  It’s always fun to have a rummage around in my boxes of make-up every few months to swap the products in my everyday make-up bag so that I get to rediscover products that I already own. 

The colour palette

colour palette autumn winter 2011_12

From left – right

Top row: pumpkin, cranberry, gold, black

Bottom row: aubergine, maroon, slate blue, slate grey, sage green

As you can perhaps tell I was mostly inspired by seasonal vegetables and the weather!  I also love the way that the light in autumn changes familiar scenery into something quite different and radiant.  There are surely few sights more impressive than an autumnal sunset making the skyline glow, when even grungy city greys glisten silver and gold in the fading light.

Translated into make-up


I’m not going to mention any product names here because some are no longer available and I wanted to post something more for inspiration.  For example I discovered that I don’t really have any true maroons so I just mixed a bright red with some darker shimmery shades (2 shades on the right, 3rd row down), so even if you don’t own a certain shade or you’re just a bit bored of the ones you do have you can create something new.  Also now that my make-up is all swapped around it feels like I have a whole new collection to play with!

I’ll be creating some looks from this colour chart over the next few weeks; I’ll link to them here as they go online.  Have a fun make-up autumn everyone!

Autumn 2011 Looks on Chilled Pink Grapefruit

You can click on the pics to read the posts.

Cranberry Pumpkin Eyes
Seashell Grey
Aubergine Eyeliner + Pumpkin Eyeshadow
Both pics above: Black + Gold with Urban Decay
Illamasqua Lipstick in Kontrol
Daytime Pumpkin Eyes

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