Sunday, 30 October 2011

It’s Body Shop Sale Time Again! Autumn 2011

The Body Shop seem to do sales all the time – but I suppose in reality they probably run them about four times a year, for about a month at a time.

The sales seem to be the time when they try to get rid of their excess stock of discontinued products, so you often see the same products pop up in their sales over and over again.  Well, for me it’s a good opportunity to pick up some Body Shop staples at knock-down prices.  Here’s what I picked up when I popped into one this weekend.



Above: High Shine Lip Treatment in 01 Pink Cream, reduced from £9.50 to £4.50

I wanted to get a new moisturising lip treatment so I picked up this gloss which was part of a limited edition collection a while back.  It still wasn’t that cheap at £4.50 but you get 14ml of product and it has a brush applicator which is my favourite kind.  On the plus side, I like the peachy smell, the thick and moisturising consistency, and the glowing sheer peachy colour, but I’ve only actually used it about three times and look how empty my tube looks already!  It looks like half the product’s been squeezed out of it it’s so flat.  I’m not impressed.  It was definitely not used when I got it as the applicator was completely clean.  Hopefully I just got a dud one because there’s just no way I can believe that I got 14ml of product in my tube – boo!

I also picked up an eyeshadow quad which was from the same now discontinued limited edition.  It’s called 02 A La Mode and I also have the other palette from this collection in 01 Boho Beauty which I wrote about previously.  The colours in this palette just scream ‘60s smokey to me.


The quality of these eyeshadows is great and you get a massive 2.2g of each.  The swatches above were one swipe with no primer.  The only colour that’s not true to pan after one swipe is the black, but to be honest that doesn’t bother me so much as for one I hardly ever use black eyeshadow and for another I’ve got loads of other matte blacks anyway.  The palette also contains a generous mirror that fills the entire inner lid and a tiny shading brush that’s of pretty good quality.  The palette originally also came with a mini black kohl eyeliner pencil but neither of the palettes in the shop (there were only two left!) still contained theirs.  Again that’s not something that bothers me though for the exact same reasons as I’m not bothered about the black eyeshadow.

I also picked up some of my bath & body favourites:

top row left – right: passion fruit show gel, £2 for 250ml; brazil nut body butter, £5 for 200ml

bottom row: brazil nut body scrub, £5 for 200ml


Even though I’m a fan of Body Shop products I hardly ever buy them at full price.  Why pay £6 for a shower gel or £12 for a body butter or scrub when I know that I can wait a couple of months to get them for these great value prices in the sale?

I love the fact that the passion fruit shower gel is soap free so it’s non-drying (I think perhaps all Body Shop shower gels are soap free?  I’m not 100% sure).  The smell is wonderfully fresh and fruity so it’s the perfect wake-me up shower gel for early autumn mornings when all I’m feeling like is zzz…

The Brazil nut range smells extremely sweet, nutty and creamy – so avoid it like the plague if you don’t like any of those qualities!  However if you do then it’ll be right up your street.  I happen to love it but I think it’s discontinued so I have to stock up when I get the chance.  The body butter is very rich and suitable for very dry skin – I think it could be a bit too rich if you have normal skin.  The body scrub is like a thick moisturiser which happens to contain some grainy bits.  You can see in the close up picture that the consistency is thick enough to hold its shape after I’ve scooped some of it out with my fingers.  I quite like this, but probably more because of the smell than for its amazing exfoliating properties.  It’s just OK as a scrub as the scrubby bits are a bit sparse.

So that’s me all stocked up until Christmas now I reckon, when I tend to get some Body Shop treats from Santa every year, hooray :)

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