Saturday, 18 June 2011

Body Shop Summer Sale 2011 Make-Up

I haven’t bought anything from The Body Shop for ages but I happened to be wandering around Euston train station the other night and popped into the tiny store on the concourse and ended up picking up a couple of pieces of make-up that were reduced in their summer sale.

Their Spring 2011 eyeshadow palette 01 Boho Beauty is currently reduced from £15 to £7.50.  I don’t usually go in for nude shades but I have to admit that I think this palette is just so beautiful I had to succumb.


The cover was designed by students at the University of the Arts London College of Fashion, but actually I’m not that interested in the design – it’s the make-up inside that caught my eye!  The eyeshadows are buttery soft and super blendable, with three matte shades and one shimmer (the nude in the top left).  The darkest brown in the bottom right-hand corner is also a great colour for me to use for defining as it has plum undertones and offsets the lilacs and purples that I like wearing perfectly.


The palette is made of sturdy plastic and also houses a large mirror in the lid, and the kit also contains a mini eye definer in 02 Rich Brown and a mini eyeshadow brush.  The brush is actually pretty good quality – I can see myself getting some good use out of it.  The eye pencil is quite hard and takes a bit of warming up before it delivers good colour pay off, but once it was actually on my skin it did stay put well.


left to right:

eye definer 02 rich brown; eye colour New Nude; eye colour Vintage Apricot; eye colour boho brown; eye colour haute chocolate.

The palette contains 2.5g of each shadow which is very generous.  That’s similar or more than many brands’ single eyeshadows, so overall I think that £7.50 is an excellent price to get this palette for.

I also bought a somewhat more impractical tiny pot of pink Star Dust which is basically 1.5g of glitter.  I have to admit that I’m a bit of a glitter bug and at £3 I thought why not.


The colour is a dark fuschia that I actually think looks quite sophisticated.  The glitter particles are flat and round and therefore sit well on the skin.  Just be careful when you tip some out of the container though, as my first attempt ended in this:


I only wanted to tip out a tiny sprinkling - whoops!  Anyway while I had a big heaped pile of glitter on my hand I thought I might as well take a nice close up shot.


You can see the way the particles sit more clearly on my finger tip which I used to spread the glitter on my hand out a bit.


I love how sparkly the glitter looks in these photos – usually it’s difficult to convey the real texture of glitters and shimmers in photos.  This is how the glitter spread out just on my bare skin, but normally I’d wearing it on top of a creamy primer from my Sleek Primer Palette or a creamy eyeshadow stick to get it to stick exactly where I want and hopefully last all night.

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