Saturday, 18 June 2011

Sleek Mediterranean Collection

Sleek released their summer 2011 limited edition Mediterranean collection last week which consists of the Monaco eyeshadow palette (£6.90), Monte Carlo pout polish (£4.29), and Santorini blush (£4.29).  I purchased mine from a Superdrug store and online prices may vary.

I really love the print they’ve chosen for the packaging - it makes me think of films starring Cary Grant or James Bond.  While the print appears on the blush and pout polish it’s unfortunately only on the cardboard box for the eyeshadow palette, which is the same standard black plastic as most other Sleek palettes.  It does however have the name of the palette printed at the bottom right to help distinguish it from the other palettes.


The packaging of my pout polish was sealed with an impressive amount of sellotape:


Well, at least there was no danger there of ending up with a product that had already been fingered in the shop!

The pout polish and blush both look like fantastically bright pink in the pans, but the pout polish is actually very sheer.  The blush, however, is as pigmented as an eyeshadow and is best applied with a light touch.
IMG_9278 IMG_9302

Although I love the colour of the blush, I have to say that I won’t actually be using it because mine has a really really weird smell that I can’t quite put my finger on – like a strong antisceptic or something similar – could it be potassium permanganate?!  The smell is so strong that it’s even noticeable from picking up a tiny amount of colour on a blusher brush.  None of my other blushes have ever smelt like this including my other Sleek blush, Pan Tao.  Has anybody else had the same problem with their Santorini blush? I’m actually not sure what I should do with my blush now though I am considering taking it back to Superdrug as a faulty product.

I do like the Monaco eyeshadow palette though.  I could actually see myself wearing every single shade in the palette, and the shadows themselves are very pigmented.  As with all Sleek eyeshadow palettes though the shadows are very soft so it does need to be handled carefully to avoid breakages and therefore despite its neat, slim size it’s not best suited to travelling.
The palette comes with a clear plastic overlay with the shade names printed on them and the shadows are a mixture of metallic, shimmery and matte.  I had already had a play around with this palette when I took these photos as you can see from the squished surface of the metallic lilac shade Lotus Flower!

From left to right:
top row   bottom row  
bamboo matte summer breeze matte
aquamarine matte sand walker matte
midnight garden matte kiwi zest metallic
sunset metallic lotus flower metallic
washed ashore shimmer humming bird metallic
magenta madness matte moors treasure matte

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