Monday, 6 June 2011

Some Topshop Make Up and Robot Earrings

Topshop are offering a 20% student discount this week so I thought I’d take advantage of the extra discount to pick up a couple of pieces from their make-up range which I hadn't tried before.  I bought an eye crayon (they are jumbo eye pencils shot through with glitter) in a glittery turquoise shade called Sea, not because I particularly need yet another glittery blue eye pencil (!) but because it was reduced from £5 to £1 so with my student discount I only ended up paying 80p for it – bargain!  I also chose a lipstick pencil in a bright pale coral called Coy.
The colours are quite impressive and I hope you can get an idea of their intensity from the shots below.


The eye crayon is very soft, glides onto the skin and is easy to blend.  It’s packed full of glitter, which also blends out nicely, so they’re definitely worth checking out if you’re a glitter bug – but best avoided if not.  As the crayon is very soft I would recommend using a primer underneath or powder on top to set it for longer lasting wear.

I like the idea of lipstick in a pencil format because you literally draw your lips on so I think you can apply colour more accurately than from a conventional lipstick bullet.  I like the fact that although it’s a pale shade “Coy” is very opaque so the colour that you see in the pencil is the colour that you get on the lips.  It can apply a bit unevenly so well moisturised lips are a must, but on the plus side even though it’s a matte lipstick it has a creamy consistency that doesn’t dry out the lips.  I also love this colour itself which I think is quite unusual and lovely for the summer.  The full price of this product is £7.

I also bought these robot earrings because I love robot motifs on clothes and jewellery and these little guys were just too cute to resist.  Their heads, arms and legs are jointed so they wiggle when you move, which I think is a nice detail.  These cost £7.50 full price.


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