Monday, 27 June 2011

Sale Jewellery Summer 2011

Q: Hmm, what’s to be found in my two newest shopping bags?


A: A big pile of costume jewellery (mostly) picked up at half price in the summer sales.  Scroll down for my close-ups!

IMG_9476 IMG_9477

woodland creatures stud earrings, £3.99 full price, H&M.
I actually picked these up full price in Feb this year but I thought they were so cute I’d post some pics.  My favourites are the hares and stags.  The hares are even both different – you can see that one has a bent ear.
lime-threaded dangle earrings, £6.25 half price, Topshop
ballerina & rose stud earrings, £2.50 at half price, Topshop
turquoise robot necklace, £4.25 at half-price, Topshop
I actually had the same pendant in a different colour and length before which I bought several months ago.  I can’t resist a piece of cute robot paraphernalia though so I went ahead and bought this second one too.
top: orange & metal earrings, £3.25 at half-price, Topshop
bottom: raven claw & turquoise earrings, £2.50 at half-price, Topshop
stag head necklace, £5 at half-price, Topshop
clockwise from left:
cube necklace, £8.50 at half-price, East
freshwater pearl earrings, £3 at half-price, East
blue wooden earrings, £3 at half-price, East
East is a great place to check out at sale time if you like jewellery made from natural materials such as wood, shell, stone and pearl.  They have a great selection marked down to half-price.

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