Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Nesti Danti Vegetable Soaps

This is a really quick post to show some pictures of these fantastic Nesti Dante vegetable soaps which I finally picked up at the weekend after having lusted after them for months and months.  I don’t use much soap but I think there’s just something so nostalgic and comforting about having a huge bar of the foamy stuff to hand!

I’ve seen these on sale in various establishments ranging from £5 to £8 in price so I was pretty chuffed to pick up three bars for £10 at a food fair at the weekend.  However I think you can also purchase them for a good price from various sellers on Amazon.  There are loads of different scents and it was difficult to chose as they all smell fantastic and promise different effects, but I settled on tomato (smells like the leaves of tomato plants – so refreshing), lettuce and fig and almond milk.


I love the packaging too; it’s got a vintage feel whilst at the same time being bright and colourful.  They almost look too pretty to unwrap!  The soaps themselves are all white though.


Tomato: calming, equalising


lettuce: refreshing, reoxygenating (anti-ageing)


fig and almond milk: soothing

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