Sunday, 13 November 2011

First Taste of Christmas 2011

I decided to pick up a new Body Shop lip balm this week to try to fend off chapped lips as the weather turns colder.  I picked up one of their seasonal Christmassy flavours in Candied Ginger.  It’s a similar size (15ml) and price (around £4) to their normal lip butters but in a metal tin with a clip on instead of screw on lid.


The consistency is quite different to the Body Shop lip butters though, being much more solid and oily rather than buttery, which I did find made it more difficult to get the product out of the tin and onto the lips.  It also doesn’t last as long as the consistency is quite thin.  However, it does leave quite a nice glossy finish and you could also wear this on top of lipsticks as a gloss which doesn’t really work with their normal lip butters.  I find the scent and taste quite pleasant, but then I am quite a big fan of ginger.

All in all it’s a matter of personal preference as to how you prefer the finish and taste of your lip balms if you would like this or not.  I personally quite like it, and I’m sure I’ll have dug quite a hole in it by the time the New Year comes.


Above: Candied Ginger lip balm worn on lips

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