Sunday, 27 November 2011

Not Quite Neutral

I’m really not a neutral eyeshadow kind of gal – neutral lips, yup, nearly always, but I prefer something more colourful on my eyes.  Unfortunately with winter approaching the days have been getting shorter and I’ve been having to do my make-up in the dark recently – well, in very bad lighting anyway.  That means I don’t want to chance leaving the flat looking like a clown because I haven’t realised quite how bright my make-up is, so I’ve been sticking to a very safe mid-tone brown eyeshadow.  However I have been pepping it up with a slick of electric blue mascara because I just love my bright colours too much to go without for too long!



The brown eyeshadow is nothing special, it’s a shade that’s available from countless brands but it just brings a bit of colour and definition to my face and makes me look slightly more awake in the mornings. I do like the way it provides a soft contrast to the bright blue of the mascara though.

The mascara is Super Volume Mascara by The Body Shop in Cobalt Blue.  I had tried a tiny sample version of this in black before and had been quite impressed by it so I decided to pick one up in blue.  I think it works so well on my lashes because of the brush – the way the prongs are wound seems to make it particularly good at grabbing onto my spindly, short lashes and dumping product on them until they’re really quite noticeable.  It’s £10 full price but I picked it up on special offer and Body Shop are always running promotions so you can definitely pick it up for less than £10, which I think is very good value for what you get.


I do think that coloured lashes are a bit retro and make me think of my teenage years, but I have to admit that I’m a bit of a fan.  I’ve had such hits and misses with coloured mascaras over the years though as it seems to be quite a temperamental kind of product.  They either don’t show up on lashes or do show up and just look weird.  I think this colour works quite nicely as a mascara though, and I especially like the way it can just add a subtle hint of colour to an otherwise neutral look.

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