Saturday, 26 November 2011

Forest Eyes

I bought a new palette of neutral shades in TK Maxx yesterday so I decided to try one of the eyeshadows out today before reviewing it on the blog.  I thought it would compliment my new Illamasqua matte eyeshadow in Yearn nicely.  The neutral that I wore is a bit of an orangey shimmery peach and Yearn is a deep forest green.  This is also the first time I’ve worn green this autumn and I’ve been meaning to for weeks now, ever since deciding on my autumn colour chart so I was glad to have gotten round to it at last!


I also added a very thin slick of shimmery brown eyeliner just to pull the two colours together.  I really like the colour combination - I just can’t help but think of Robin Hood when I see browns or golds and greens together.  It’s also a great way to wear Yearn as it’’s such a deep, intense colour it could easily overpower a look, but the shimmery orangey peach just seems to balance it out perfectly.


It’s been getting noticeably chilly in London this week (finally!  Just before December!  It’s almost been t-shirt weather up until now which has been very weird) so I wasn’t going to go out today without a hat.  Usually I wouldn’t bother with make-up on my lips if I were wearing a lot of colour on my eyes but I thought because of the hat I could get away with a bit more make-up so I wore a shiny neutral lip with it.  I’m generally very boring with my lip colours because I just hate it when my lip colour starts to fade.  Unfortunately this lip look didn’t survive for long outside as I went to the German Christmas market that’s open at the moment near my flat and had a hotdog.  Still I did like the colour while it lasted - just very demure and shiny and healthy looking.

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