Sunday, 20 November 2011

Explode for Lilac Lips

Today I have a couple of shots of the Illamasqua lipgloss that I picked up last weekend to show you.


It’s a sheer lipgloss and you get 7ml in the tube.  The lid pulls off to reveal a hard plastic applicator which you can squeeze the product out onto and use to apply directly to the lips (my preferred method as I like to apply a lot of product) or to squeeze onto a lip brush for more precise application.


I picked this up at the bargain price of £5 but I think it normally retails nearer £15.  You do get a generous amount of product at 7ml and whilst the packaging does have much going in its favour – sleek shape that is perfect for handbags, flexible squeezy plastic that allows good control when dispensing the product, and no brush so hygenic and with more room for product, it’s really nothing special…in fact although I like the fact that the tube is squeezy it does feel a bit cheap.

The product has quite a sticky consistency and applies surprisingly opaque.  I wasn’t expecting such intense colour payoff given that the product is described as a “sheer” lipgloss.  I can only guess at how intense their intense glosses are.  The gloss applies as a lovely multi-faceted, shimmery lilac, and I may well just be in love with this colour.  Unfortunately though it doesn’t last very long on me, fading within a couple of hours.  Fortunatley since it fits so nicely in my handbag I can take it with me everywhere I go and reapply as necessary since I like the effect so much!



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