Friday, 9 December 2011

17 Wild Metallics Eyes

Boots were running a 3-for-2 offer on all 17 cosmetics a couple of weeks ago when these dinky little pots of metallic cream eyeshadow caught my eye.  I thought the shimmery finish would be perfect for Christmas party season and the packaging is so cute too.  Normally they cost £3.99 each.



Above from top to bottom: Wild Purple, Wild Midnight Blue, Wild Green

There are six shades in the range so I went for some subtle colours that I thought would be nice for wearing during the day but which would also lend themselves well to smokier evening looks.  They look so pretty and sparkly in their little pots, so how do they wear on the skin?


Not what you were expecting?  I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed by the terrible colour payoff :(  I did swatch a couple of colours in the shop but I think that the shop lighting caught the shimmer well and made me think that the colours were stronger than they actually are.  Even the blue, which looks the strongest in the swatch above, is really just quite washed out.

Another problem that I have with these is the texture.  They are cream eyeshadows and I’ve found them quite difficult to apply evenly.  I’ve found that the best way is to apply a thin layer is with my fingertips.  The main problem I have with them though is that unlike some others these don’t set and it’s a struggle to stop them from creasing more than 10 min after having applied them.  You can see from the picture of the lilac that I’ve really given it a go trying to get them to work too.  I managed to get about 4h without creasing by patting a powder eyeshadow on top and I got them to fare slightly better over Urban Decay Primer Potion but even then they were creasing before the end of the day.

I think I’m going to have to consign these to the beauty bin unfortunately.  As I’ve already bought them I might try to get some use out of the lilac as a highlighter on my brow and cheekbones but I don’t really think I’ll be getting any use out of the other two, what a shame!

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