Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy Hogmanay!

This is just a quick catch-up post as I’ve been away from blogging for a couple of weeks.  I had a bit of a laptop crisis with a hard drive failure a couple of weeks ago and ended up losing all the data on my hard drive – which worked out at about 18 months worth of photos that I hadn’t backed up.  I never really back my work up, I can just never be bothered and at the end of the day it’s good not to get too sentimental about old data I think!  Anyway these days I mostly use my laptop for blogging and that’s all saved online anyway so now that my laptop is actually working again I’m not too upset.

It’s New Year’s Eve today which in Scotland we call Hogmanay.  Of course it’s obligatory at this time of the year to become a bit pensive what with everybody evaluating the year that’s just passed and thinking of what the future might bring, which led me personally to start pondering the question “is it possible to own too much make-up?”  Sadly, the conclusion that I have come to is that yes, it is possible to own too much, and I most definitely passed the invisible threshold between “acceptable” and “you now own enough to do the make-up for an entire ballet company throughout their winter season” since I started writing this blog.  I’m much more interested in buying new make-up than new clothes and I’ve been convincing myself that since I can fit my stash into cardboard boxes which I can pile up next to my bed and in my wardrobe it’s not a problem to keep buying stacks of new products every month because there’s always room for them. Sadly though I think the pretence has to end.  There are no two ways of looking at it.  I simply own too much make-up, and I have to stop buying new make-up until I’ve used up some of the items that I already own, or one night one of those stacks of make-up that are currently lying piled up next to my bed might just topple over and crush me in my sleep!

Anyway if I manage to stick to my resolution not to buy so much it should hopefully lead to a subtle shift in my blog whereby I have less new products to show and more creative posts on what I’ve actually done with my make-up.  However I do have a confession to make…I got so much make-up for Christmas and in the sales that I have piles and piles of new exciting make-up to share on my blog even though I’ve decided to swear off new products in 2012 – hooray!!

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