Sunday, 11 December 2011

Deck the Halls by China Glaze

I have some more festive nails to show you tonight, but it’s only fair that I warn you first to prepare yourselves for some major bling!


I got this Christmas trio by China Glaze from Sally’s Hair and Beauty for £12.98.  I’d never tried China Glaze nail polish before and I was keen to do something Christmassy with my nails so this seemed like it would provide me with some good inspiration.

The pack comes with three 14ml nail polishes in Poinsetta (bright red), Twinkle lights (multi-coloured glitter) and Champagne Bubbles (gold + silver glitter).  The glitter in Champagne Bubbles isn’t that obvious from looking at it in the bottle but you can see it clearly once it’s on the nail.

The brushes are long and thin and very nice to work with.  I don’t know how much you’ll be able to tell from these shots but anyway here’s a look at Poinsetta.


I found the application really easy.  The brush holds the varnish really well and allowed for a lot of control.  Here’s how my nails looked after one coat of Poinsetta and Champagne Bubbles.


As you can see the varnish is quite thin which meant that the first coat dried very quickly.  I added a second coat after a couple of minutes which was enough for a nice even finish.


Poinsetta is definitely my favourite of the two, it has such a bright and even finish.  I’ll definitely be wearing it throughout the year, whereas I found Champagne Bubbles a bit ‘80s and brash so I think I’d just save this for the festive season.

I’m really having a glitter phase at the moment so I went ahead and added a topping of Twinkle Lights.  It’s absolutely packed with glitter in gold, green and red and these are the results after just one coat on top of Poinsetta and Champagne Bubbles.




Funnily enough, although I prefer Poinsetta on its own I think that Twinkle Lights looks better over Champagne Bubbles.  I’ll definitely be trying Twinkle Lights both on its own and over different colours too. 

I’m really pleased with the results so far – the consistency of the polish is perfect as it’s thin enough to dry quickly but opaque after 2 coats, and the glitter top coat only requires one coat for dense coverage so yes, it’s a definite thumbs up from me for this festive trio.

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