Saturday, 28 July 2012

30th Birthday Make-up

Here’s a shot of me in my birthday make-up earlier this month, for some reason looking rather coy.  I’m not sure why!


I love how this look turned out.  I used plenty of gold highlighter on my cheeks, temples and nose which translated into a lovely glow, and since it was my birthday I went for colour on both my eyes and lips, which I think worked together really nicely in the finished look.

Here’s a quick run-down of how I created this look:

  1. My current favoured foundation for dewy-finishes is Rimmel Wake Me Up which I apply with a flat topped foundation brush for quick, even application.
  2. I applied an eyeshadow primer across my eyelids up to my brows and while I waited for it to dry I swept a gold powder highlighter across my cheeks, cheekbones, temples and down the bridge of my nose with a duo-fibre brush.
  3. I patted a light shimmering gold across my eyelids up to the crease, then blended a bright violet eyeshadow across and above my crease in a winged arc from the inner corner of my eyes to the end of my brows.  I then added a quick slick of mascara.
  4. I had a lot of colour on my eye lids at this point so to balance the look I filled my brows in lightly with a black eyeshadow (to match my natural brow colour).
  5. I filled my lips in with a matte red lipstick then patted an antique gold pigment on the inside of my lips with an eyeshadow brush.

I like wearing make-up that’s slightly “theatrical” for nights out - I have so much make-up that I like to use a lot of products for special occassions otherwise most of it would feel really neglected!

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