Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic Flame

I spent about three hours this morning watching the Olympic men’s road race and it was soooo exciting! Honestly, I’ve never really watched cycling before but I think I might start now. I’ve been totally sucked in to the Olympic atmosphere here in London – in fact I’m also watching men’s gymnastics as I type! Olympic fever of course had to spread to my make-up too, so today I created a look inspired by the Olympic flame.  It’s actually pretty subtle I think and it’s a lovely fiery colour theme for an every day look.  This was also the first time this year that I decided to add some bronzer to my look as I actually got a tan this week for the first time in literally years (a decade, perhaps??) from all the sun we’ve been having in London so I thought I’d make my face match my arms and neck.  Generally I just try to avoid the sun as whenever I’m caught in it I’m sure to end up burnt, yuk.


Oops…smudged my mascara in that top pic!  Never mind.  I also forgot to add my gold lipgloss in Stranger to symbolise lots of gold medals for team GB and all the other fantastic athletes competing in London – I’ll have to remember to include that in my next Olympic look.  Anyway here’s a clearer shot of the colours I used on my eyes.  I used an antique gold pigment on the inner corners, a bright orange on the centre of my lids, and a bright red to create some wings in the outer corners.


As you can see, I’m still growing my eyebrows out. I decided to stop plucking them frequently in order to grow some fuller eyebrows and I have to say it’s been an interesting experiment so far. After 15 years of plucking I have bald patches in my brows and stray hairs underneath for the first time but I think they look really nice and strong from a distance so I’m going to keep up my brow routine of basically doing nothing with them except plucking the stray hairs from underneath my brows once every two or three months.  I’m toying with the idea of beginning to fill them in but to be honest I’m not keen on making my make-up routine even more high maintenance, I favour the somewhat lazier fling-it-on-and-go school of make-up!


  1. ooh i like this! it reminds me of the phoenix from harry potter!!!

    1. Thank you! I'm trying to over-come my fear of red eyeshadow :)