Sunday, 29 July 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in Darling

This is a recent release in Revlon’s “Just Bitten” series of lip products which, as per the name, are supposed to leave a flush of colour on the lips for a “just bitten” effect. I paid £5.99 for one on special offer in Superdrug, with the standard price being £7.99.


I’d had my eye on this colour for a couple of weeks since having had a go with some testers a while back so whilst killing some time in Superdrug today I decided to just go for it and pick one up at last. A word of warning – the colours appear completely differently on lips than the packaging would suggest so I do recommend trying out the testers before choosing a colour. The product is shaped like a chubby crayon and has a wind-up mechanism at the bottom so you don’t have to worry about sharpening.  The packaging is slightly misleading though I think in that only the top third contains any product – cheeky!  Altogether you get 2.7g which is much less than a standard lipstick, and in addition this product is much less pigmented, which I know it is designed to be but to me the pricing still seems a bit off.  I think it’s in fact around £4 too expensive and should retail for £3.99 but I’m not a cosmetics company boss I guess!

The product feels quite solid and waxy to apply and you have to give it a good rub to get the colour on the lips and as you can see below I didn’t manage to apply it very evenly, though from a distance it looked fine.  Once on it’s very comfortable and moisturising to wear and the colour, while subtle, does last a good few hours – I would compare the wear time to that of a good quality lip gloss.


Overall I do love certain aspects of this product such as the colour, the fact that it’s moisturising, and the wind-up aspect of the packaging, but I do feel that it’s overpriced and I wouldn’t buy this again for £7.99.

*UPDATE* 18/10/2012

I just wanted to add a quick update to this post as I actually seem to be one of the only people online who doesn’t actually like this product!

Having been able to test it out for a while now I have to say that it’s not actually as moisturising as I first thought, and I still maintain that the texture is very hard and difficult to apply to the lips. I have to press so hard to get any colour payoff on my lips that it can actually be painful to apply! I’d be really interested to hear if anybody else has noticed the same issues with this product, or could it be that I just picked up a duff one?? In any case I won’t be picking up any more of these.

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