Friday, 28 September 2012

Are You Ready for Autumn?

My eyeshadow is! I’ve got some shots to share today of my make-up from yesterday, taken with my new DSLR camera and fiddled about a bit with on Picasa.


Above: photo edited using a “Cinemascope” effect. I love how white this makes my eyes look!


Above: Looking slightly wind-swept in my close-up thanks to a healthy dose of peachy blush


Above: I’m hoping to turn grown-out eyebrows into one of the signatures of my look :)

I fancied experimenting with a neutral eye in classic autumnal shades yesterday and came up with this look. I do like the finished effect but my one regret is that I used a super-glittery eyeshadow on the inner corner of my eye that kept falling down and getting not just all over my face but also in my eyes – ouch!

The shades I used were Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (the glittery culprit) and Nylon from my Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol II on my lid and Star Myth from my new MAC duo in and above my crease. I didn’t want to use eyeliner on my upper lash line as I have quite narrow eyelids and my whole movable lid can be overpowered by eyeliner so to add a bit of extra definition I tightlined with a brown gel eyeliner instead, which is a technique that I’m becoming a bit of a fan of this season. It’s great for weekends when I want to wear heavier make-up but don’t want to wear eyeliner on my upper lashline. Usually during the week if I decide to go for eyeliner it’s the other way round and I’m all about a lovely big flick on the upper lash line and no tightlining whatsoever so it’s nice to ring in the changes!

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