Friday, 28 September 2012

Funky Nails by MUA


So I finally got round to painting my nails with the fantastic colour Love U 24/7 by MUA, which is a creamy opaque purple that I bought back in the spring. The pic below is of two coats, no top coat. I think it’s a great little nail varnish for £2 and really recommend it if you like the colour. I can get 4 days wear out of this no problem in conjunction with my China Glaze topcoat.


I also had an MUA glitter crackle top-coat that I was eager to try out so I popped some on top.


Now, this product does crackle as promised but I’m not sure if I really like the final effect. I think the glitter needed to be a teeny bit more pigmented, as it wasn’t that obvious that it was anything other than a normal glitter topcoat from a distance. I do think that it worked better on my other hand where my nails are longer (see very top photo), so perhaps I’ll wait until all my nails are a bit longer before trying this out again. I also think I didn’t quite get the colour combination right, as the blue got a bit lost within the purple, so next time I’ll go for a contrasting undercoat in a gold, orange or brown.

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