Saturday, 15 September 2012

Smoky Brown with Marché aux Puces



Today my new Marché aux Puces MAC eyeshadow duo and Supercontinental blush (more photos here) got their first outing and I came up with this intense golden brown smoky look. I used a pinkish eyeshadow stick as a base then blended a dark brown on the inner and outer third, popped an orange gold in the centre, then blended everything out at the crease.  I did use some eyeliner, but ony on my lower lashline, and I skipped mascara to create a slightly toned-down smoky look that wasn’t too overpowering for daytime. And incidentally, 12h later the colours are still all going strong – brilliant.


I used my favourite brown eyeliner which is a gel liner by Essence. Unfortunately this brand isn’t readily available in the UK so I’ll most likely end up having to buy a much much more expensive alternative when I run out – this cost just 3 euros and I think it’s a great product. I definitely recommend checking this range out if you ever come across a stand. Fortunately I still have plenty left as I don’t use it that often so I should be OK for a while yet.


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