Sunday, 6 March 2011

Babushka treats from Sass and Belle

For some reason I really like the visual theme of Russian Dolls - don't ask me why, I just think they're really cute. Funnily enough even though I'm often drawn to items with Russian Doll images on them I don't actually own any Russian Dolls...hmm.

Anyway after ballet class last week I was walking through Covent Garden with a friend and we popped into the Aladdin's Cave of kitsch that is Sass & Belle. It's a great place to spend a tenner on a quirky gift, or on cute stuff that you don't actually need but find amusing if you're in that kind of shopping mood. On this occassion I got two things and actually left with change from a tenner because they were both on sale. I got some babushka bunting for £2.99 and a little babushka bag for £4.99.

I hang this up in my kitchen to brighten up my wall.

Here's the bag next to my Blackberry to give an idea of the size.

So what will I be using my babushka bag for? Hmm...

Storing make-up in I think! It's a nice size for a travel make-up bag. Here you can see I've already stuffed it with some of my new season favourites from the Accessorize make-up range that came out in Autumn last year. I really like this range so I've got quite a few items from it and I'll try to do some posts on some of the pieces soon.

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