Sunday, 6 March 2011

No 7 Limited Edition Turquoise Eyeliner

I stopped by Boots today and decided to make use of the £5 off No 7 voucher that I got last week when I bought the Front Cover Rainbow Eyes reborn palette (will try to do a post on that soon too). No 7 launched a range of limited edition products for Spring 2011 a few weeks ago now which amongst other things includes a couple of lip colours, a couple of nail colours, and three gel/cream eyeliners in navy, turquoise and black. The eyeliners are retailing at £10.00 a pop which is a bit pricey for me, especially since I'm not the hugest fan of gel eyeliners, but with £5 off I decided to give the turquoise one a go since the colour looked beautiful.

The packaging is really cute and makes me think of the French Riviera for some reason...must be all that white criss-crossed with blue lines:

As you can see from my pics, the product also comes with its own tiny brush, but I haven't actually tried this out. If you don't have another eyeliner brush that you already favour using then it looks as if it would get the job done fine, although it's perhaps a bit fiddly to use as it's so tiny.

I think this photo is quite true to the colour of the product, which is a very opaque turquoise. It's very similar to the colour on the box which is good as you can get a true idea of what the product looks like.

I created a golden and blue shimmery look to try the eyeliner out with:

I used a slanted eyeliner brush and found it very easy to apply. I just dipped my brush in and slowly drew the line in using multiple strokes. You can just wipe your brush with a tissue afterwards and it'll be good to go for the next application so no need to wash your brush every time. The consistency is nice and thick and creamy which makes it much more user friendly than a runnier liquid eyeliner, although it would be difficult to create very thin lines with. However, with a beautiful bright colour like this, who wants thin lines? A nice thick line of turquoise is a great way to show the world that you're feeling that spring in the air, right?

So far I've had the eyeliner on for six hours and it hasn't budged, so it looks like it has good staying power too. When I tried the product on the back of my hand it was easily removed with warm soapy water. So basically I'd say if you fancy the idea of waking up your make-up look for spring with some bright blues, then this could be the eyeliner for you.

No 7. products are available from Boots in the UK and online at

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