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Sleek Avoir La Peche: Completing the collection…

I’ve been very excited this week by the launch of the Sleek spring 2011 collection Avoir la Peche and I posted a few pics of the eyeshadows and lip gloss a couple of days ago which you can check out here.  I’m happy to report that I managed to pick up the blush in Pan Tao (£4.29) from the Superdrug on Tottenham Court Road in London yesterday which means I’ve now purchased all the items in the collection.  As it’s the weekend I had a bit of time this morning to play around with the collection for the first time so I can finally show you a look that I came up with to give an idea of how the products look on.

First up here are a couple of pics of the blush.  I really like the slim black packaging which houses a generous 8g of product and a perfectly useable mirror in the lid.  There’s a peach-themed print on the cover which I think looks simple yet elegant and also helps differentiate this blush from the other Sleek shades which are all packaged in identical black cases.

The second pic gives quite a good indication of the colour of the blush which looks bright orange in the pan.


Here’s the look that I came up with - I went for a muted peachy feel across my whole face.  Hopefully the second picture gives a better impression of the blush – I’m actually wearing quite a lot, but it was a bit difficult to get it to show up on camera.  Also I hope this can allay some of the fears I know a lot of people would feel when confronted by that bright orange colour of the blush in the pan for the first time by showing that it is actually wearable!

IMG_6993 IMG_7015


Eyes: (pls check the pic to the right for shades)

I swept Blush across my lids up to the crease and darkened the outer 1/3 with Cameo which I also took along my lower lash line, then I blended using a fluffy brush to try to create a hazy wash of colour that extended just above the crease and faded out to the brow.  I used a slanted liner brush to intensify my upper lash line with Stone and used Sandstone as a highlight on my browbone.  I wanted to keep this look soft and hazy rather than very defined so I didn’t bother with any eye-pencil on the inner lash lines, eye liner or mascara.

I used a very thin layer of the light gold from the Sleek Primer palette as a base.  I applied my eyeshadow around 10h ago now and while I have suffered creasing the colours are still quite visible and defined on my eyelids – so Ihave  no complaints so far regarding the staying power of this palette.


Lips: I paled down my lips with the foundation left on my brush after having applied my base to my face and simply popped the Pout Polish in Sugar May on top.  The product is very soft and smoothes out over the lips beautifully, and as you can see leaves a lovely subtle wash of colour that doesn’t look orange at all.  I didn’t find it very long lasting, but it does describe itself as a lip conditioner and my lips did feel softer after I applied the product.  It also contains some sun screen (SPF15 but as with any sunscreen I think you’d need a whacking great layer to get the full 15x protection) which is good for being out-and-about in spring-time London, but I wouldn’t depend on it to avoid getting sunburnt lips anywhere really sunny.

Face:  I used a soft fluffy blusher brush to apply the Sleek Blush in Pan Tao onto my cheeks and across the top of my cheekbones.  I know that some people like to apply their blush by starting with a tiny amount and building up the colour, but I actually like to start by applying slightly more colour at first then toning it down by spraying some face spray onto a duo-fibre face brush and sweeping it across the blush and washing the colour out.  I find that this method gives both a radiant, glowing finish (thanks to the face spray – at the moment my favourite is The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz, around £8) and also helps to fix the colour in place.

I’ve really enjoyed playing around with these products so far and in fact I’m pretty sure I’m going to be heading back to Superdrug pretty soon to stock up on some more Paraguaya eyeshadow palettes as both gifts and as a reserve for me when my own one runs out because I like these colours so much!

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