Sunday, 27 March 2011

Payday treats from Topshop + Miss Selfridge

Friday was payday, hooray!  This also coincided with an email I got from Topshop telling me about a flash sale they were having (I’m not really sure what a flash sale is, but it had the word sale in it and that was all I needed to hear to pique my interest) so I hot-footed it down to Topshop on Oxford Street after work on Friday to have a browse.

The sale was OK; I grabbed about six or seven items to try on and although there were plenty of “nice” things I was quite restrained and managed to convince myself that I really have enough “nice” things in my wardrobe already and I don’t need any more, so if I was going to buy anything I might as well make it something a bit interesting.  In the end I bought just one thing which was a pair of fluffy shorts reduced from £50 to £25.  They don’t really look like shorts at all and reminded me of a ballet tutu, or perhaps an ostrich’s fluffy bum!  OK so that description perhaps doesn’t make them sound so appealing but really I just liked them because they were good fun.


Do you think I described them well??  He he.  I wore them today with a fitted blazer and light pink tights which were my nod to the ballet trend.
I also popped into Miss Selfridge today where they were also having a mid-season sale and I picked up some accessories.  I really don’t need any more accessories but they are quite inexpensive in the sale and again they’re good fun so I just bought a couple.  I really need to devise a new storage system for all my accessories though as I have so many that I never get round to wearing as I’ve got them squirreled away all over my room and I never think to dig them out.

A giant pompom to wear on my head!  (Around £3.50)
It reminded me of Scandinavian knits, of which I’m a big fan.  It’s also just a fun way to lighten up any outfit.  The band is quite easy to cover with my hair too.  (Oh yes and I do wear braces in case you noticed that my teeth look a bit funny above!  I actually love them though as they have straightened my teeth soooo much since I got them fitted just over a year ago).

IMG_7201 IMG_7202
Teddy bear cut-out leopard print earrings. So kitsch I just had to buy them!  (Around £3.50)

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