Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Introduction to the Sleek Spring 2011 Collection Avoir la Peche

Sleek make-up have just released their new Spring 2011 collection called Avoir la Pêche which is based around peachy tones. I think it will be available for the next month or so (until mid April 2011) from the Sleek website and in Superdrug stores in the UK. Well I've been working hard lately so I figured I'd treat myself and went to pick up the pieces in the collection from Superdrug after work today.

There are three new items: the "Paraguaya" eyeshadow palette (£6.49), a pout polish in Sugar May (£4.29), and a blush in Pan-Tao (£4.29). I managed to pick up the Paraguaya palette and the pout polish today but unfortunately the Superdrug I went to seemed to have already sold out of the blush. I guess I'll have to check back in Superdrug again soon in order to complete my collection.

Anyway here are some quick snaps I just took to give a rough idea of the aesthetics of the new collection.

The packaging has a pretty floral design, but for the i-divine palette it's only printed on the cardboard box and not the palette itself. However, the palette does have its name printed on the front.

I really like the packaging of the Pout Polish. The container is wide and shallow which makes it easier to pick the product up on your fingertips without getting it stuck under your nails (which I find can be a problem with narrower, deeper pots).

(I changed the contrast on the picture on the left below because I thought it gave it a bit of a cool '60s grainy feel! I haven't changed the contrast on the second pic which was taken in my living room under artificial lighting but which I feel gives quite a good indication of the actual colour of the gloss).

I-Divine Paraguaya eyeshadow palette (left: with flash, right: without flash). There is a clear overlay which has the names of the shadows printed on it. The names are cute but I'll probably just throw the overlay away when I start using the palette as I find that it just gets in the way. Hopefully Sleek will move on to printing the names on the palettes themselves soon.
You can click on the pics for a larger view.

Finally here's a shot of some swatches on my arm in the same order as in the palette (artificial lighting, without flash). All the shadows have been swatched over the light gold creamy primer from the Sleek primer palette. You can click on the pic for a larger view.

Top row left - right:
parfait: shimmer
blush: matt
cameo: matt
Persian orange: shimmer
peach gold: shimmer
sandstone: matt

Bottom row left - right:
bellini: shimmer
redstone: matt
persimmon: matt
tangelo: matt
bittersweet: matt
stone: matt

I really like the colours in the collection and the palette should be great for neutral(ish) looks that are still colourful. Although the shades are all peachy, they are much more varied than the shades in the Good Girl palette. I might pick up a couple more palettes when I go back to check for the blush because I think they'd also make nice gifts as none of the colours are too intimidating to wear so I think they have wide appeal to people of all make-up tastes.

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