Saturday, 16 July 2011

Bruised Apple

My new Accessorize blush in Scandal inspired me to create a look based on the colours of a bruised apple.


I really like this look which is something a bit different for me as usually I wear pink or orange blushes or bronzer rather than red on my cheeks.  I wore the blush quite high on my cheekbones and I love the way it gives a wind-swept look, as if I’ve just been for a brisk walk in the country.


I don’t really like this green eyeshadow by Bourjois but as I bought it just recently for £5.99 I’m determined to get some use out of it!  I can’t say that I recommend it though as the colour pay off is really not good at all.  The surface is all scratched up from where I’ve had to score it to get any colour out of it at all.

However I do like the “bruised” colour that I used, which was a violet eyeshadow by Accessorize in shade 15 – Vintage Colour.  Like my other Accessorize eyeshadows this has a creamy consistency and great colour pay-off.  I used the same brush for both eyeshadows in this look and blended the violet a lot so it’s quite sheer in the pics above, but you can see the full intensity of the shadow in the swatch below.


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