Saturday, 23 July 2011

Orange Eyeshadow I: Metallic

I saw a pic in a magazine of a model wearing orange eyeshadow blended into white above the crease this week and I thought it was a great colour combination for the summer.  I don’t wear orange eyeshadow that often – I could probably count the number of times I’ve worn orange eyeshadow this year on one hand – but there was a lovely metallic shade in the Sleek Curaçao palette that I thought would be perfect to try out for a similar look.


clockwise from top left : apres midori, tequila sunrise, martini, blue lagoon

Here’s what I came up with:


My favoured make-up application method is literally to slap it on as I’m very lazy about blending, so this look is perfect for me.  There’s no complicated blending involved at all.  I used Urban Decay Primer Potion all over the lid (the colours are all still going strong now 10 hours later), blended a shimmery white (the shade Martini also from the Sleek Curaçao palette above) into and just above the crease and inner corner, then applied the orange shade to my lid and blended out.  I blended a medium matte brown shadow along my lower lash line and finished with two coats of mascara for added definition.  If I hadn’t been being so lazy I think some brown eyeliner along my upper lash line would have looked good as some extra definition as well.

You can see how un-blended this look is in the shots below which were taken at a different angle.  I think I managed this make-up in under 10 min.


I have to admit that I have been growing my eyebrows as I think some women look great with slightly untamed brows…but to be honest looking at these photos I don’t think it’s a very flattering look for me!

I did enjoy wearing this shimmery orange today, but even though I wore a tiny bit of bronzer on my face I think I still looked a bit washed out because I didn’t have any colour on my lips.  I think this would go nicely with any of the lovely neutral lip colours I bought from Gosh last week.  I think I’m also going to try this colour combination with matte shades to see which eyeshadow finish I prefer – photos will follow once I’ve tried it out.

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