Friday, 15 July 2011

More From Melvita

I paid a second visit to the Melvita shop in Covent Garden last weekend.  Not only is it a lovely little shop for fans of organic beauty, it also seems to be a good place to go if you’re feeling thirsty as I’ve been offered cups of honey tea both times I’ve been – and they’ve been very tasty, too.

Last time I visited the shop back in May I bought some Nigella oil for my face and I got a couple of samples of their other products for oily/problem skin. The Nigella oil was quite expensive compared to what I would normally pay for a night cream (that’s how I use it) at £15 for 50ml which lasted me almost two months of using nearly every night but I really feel that it made a great difference to my skin.  I’ve had a lot fewer spots and flare-ups since I’ve been using it – and just about the same if not more stress at work so the effects probably have been thanks to the Nigella oil.

I had such a positive experience with this product that I decided to buy another, and also one of the products that I received a sample of the last time, their perfecting cream for young skin.


I think the packaging looks as if it could be for products from a gardening centre thanks to all the pictures of bees and flowers and green!  However it matches the ethos of the brand which is towards natural, organic, cruelty free products.  The paper bag is also pretty enough to be re-used as a gift bag at some point – always good to be able to recycle as much as possible.

The perfecting cream was really quite an expensive buy for me at £19 for 50ml but I love the effect it has on my skin.  The cream is thin and is absorbed very quickly to leave the skin looking matte and refined, and I’ve been so happy with the way it’s left my skin looking I haven’t worn any foundation or tinted moisturiser all week.  It’s also quite an unusual green colour and smells of grass, which I think is a great pick-me-up in the mornings.


Although this is an expensive brand for me if I’m still happy with the results from these products after another two months I’ll definitely be going back to restock on these and try some new products, maybe a cleanser or a face mask.  I will be sure to keep the blog updated if I head back for more.

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