Saturday, 9 July 2011

Saturday Afternoon in the Pub

I don’t go to the pub that often but I spent a lovely chilled out afternoon with some friends in my local today.  Here’s the smoky eye look I wore for the occassion:


This has been my favourite look for the past week because it looks carefully crafted but is actually super-quick to create.  I love the way the colour looks so multi-dimensional and last all day too.  The trick is in the layering.


I rubbed a tiny amount of cream eyeshadow above my crease and a glitter eye pencil by Topshop over my lid up to the crease as a base, then used a rounded blending brush to work a metallic purple (the mono-shadow in the picture above) into the glitter pencil, which created a fantastic multi-dimensional, intense colour over my lids.  I used the colour left on the brush to rub a tiny bit of colour along my lower lash line to create the familiar smoky eye shape.  I then picked up a very light green shadow (the top shadow in the quad in the pic above) on another, clean blending brush and worked it into my crease to create a blended wash of colour just above my crease.  I like the way it makes a change from the usual darker colour that is used to create depth in the crease in a smoky eye look.  I then finished off with black mascara and shiny pink blush.

So far today I’ve been wearing this make-up for around 10h and while it’s started to crease the colour is still going strong on my lids.  I sense this is going to become one of my signature looks this summer!

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